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Bilsy.Co Collab

This past week I got the opportunity to do some product photography with Bilsy.Co. If you don't know what that is stop reading right now and go check out her page lol. Bilsy.Co is a company founded and ran by Victoria Berman making clay earrings. Her creativity is inspiring beyond belief and she has the sweetest soul, not to mention her earrings are adorable.

All her earrings are made by hand and no two pair are alike, which makes them all the more interesting. The earrings are very minimalistic and can be worn with almost any outfit. I have personally styled mine with any outfit from laid back, to going into work at the office, to going out on a fancy date with my husband. Their versatility makes them extremely unique and sets Bilsy.Co apart from many of the other clay earring companies.

The photos below are from Victoria's most recent collection. She releases new styles about twice a month so her inventory is always changing. I highly recommend these earrings! I had such a blast with this photoshoot and hope to collaborate with this company in the future.

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