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5 Tips you should know for your wedding day


Okay your getting married AHHH Congratulations!! Planning a wedding can be both the most exciting thing you are planning but also the most stressful process of your whole life (other than buying a house).

But fear not, I have come up with a few tips to share that I learned along the way that will be a life saver to you on your big day.

1. Keep tissues tucked into you and your bridesmaids bouquets.

Are you or any of your girls pretty emotional? Imagine you are up on the platform saying your vows and your looking into the eyes of the love of your life and the waterworks start. having a tissue or two tucked discreetly away in your bouquet will make for easy tear removal. This is something we did for my sister in law's wedding and it honestly was such a life saver, especially because I forgot to wear water proof mascara.

2. Stage your big exit to get the perfect photo.

You just cut your cake and now everyone is saying goodbye. This happened to me at my wedding. My husband and I cut the cake and everyone started deciding it was time to go home. I'm thinking "I still have to do my big exit where is everyone going?" My husband and I planned to throw bird seed and at the rate everyone was leaving there would only be a few people left for the photo op. My husband and I actually did the exit then and we ended our reception 2 hours earlier than we were supposed to.

Only after did someone suggest staging our exit. This is something I suggest to all of my brides when I see that panicked look of "why is everyone leaving?!" You stage the exit, let the photographer get their shots and you can go back to partying. You can still have your send off at the end of the night but this way you have that perfect shot with all your loved ones still in it.

3. Have your guests download "Wedding photo app by Wedbox"

If you are not having an unplugged wedding, have your guests download this app. Its an app where they log in and access your wedding. Any photos taken through the app automatically get sent to an album that you have access to. To advertise this I would have 1 to 2 place cards at every table asking your guests to download the app and how to access your account. You let your guest take photos of themselves having a great time at your wedding or they can photograph you as well. This app also makes an amazing tool if your having a photo-booth. Your photographer doesn't have to babysit it all night and you don't have to ask you guests for the photos after, everyone wins!!

4. There is a song for every moment of your wedding!

Yeah! I didn't know that either. Before my own wedding I had never attended anyone's wedding before. When my husband and I were getting married we were under the impression that we had the song I danced with my dad to, the song he danced with his mom to, and the song we danced to together. NOPE, there is a song to have you and your wedding party walk in to, there is a song for cake cutting, there is the song your parents and in laws might dance to. It was a whole mess and my husband and I felt overwhelmed and we ended up going with a lot of the songs the DJ suggested and not what we really wanted since it was all on the spot. Now this next part is probably more on the DJ than myself but I still wish I would have double checked. After letting us have time to think about it my husband and I came up with a different song to walk in to that was something other than what the DJ suggested. I texted the DJ who never responded and I followed up a few days later to ask if he got it. He informed me that yes he got it but he was on vacation (completely understandable) However he did not make the change and on the day of my wedding I walked in to "Lets Get It Started" by the Black Eyed Peas instead of "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top. My husband said he didn't noticed, I on the other hand noticed instantly. I regret not getting with my DJ the day before and having him go over the list with me so I could confirm the changes.

5. Last but not least, Bring a pair of flats to the reception!

This one I don't think i have to explain if you have ever worn heels for more than an hour. During the course of my wedding planning I went out and bought a separate pair of simple inexpensive white flats to go with my dress. After the portraits with the photographer I bustled my dress and changed into my flats. My feet were very thankful for the duration of my reception.

I hope these tips help you plan for your big day. The biggest tip is have fun, try not to stress it and you do you. <3

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